From commercial operations and private aviation to aerospace innovation and leasing and financing, HighStreet is your risk specialist wherever you choose to take flight.

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Travel restrictions, safety regulations, costly investments, and changing economic factors are all risks that can leave you grounded. The pandemic and associated lockdowns put immense pressure on the aviation industry. With that recovery still in progress, new risks are still being managed. At the same time, the aviation and space industry continue to innovate and improve operations to fuel growth.

How we can help

With data analysis, market trends, and deep conversations to understand your specific business, HighStreet is prepared to put together sound risk management strategies that protect you with unique coverages, including aircraft hull and liability, airline insurance, salvaged aircraft, space launches, unmanned aerial vehicles, and more. HighStreet can make sure all parties are protected with the type of comprehensive coverage that is an essential facet of strong risk management.

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HighStreet offers customized insurance solutions to airlines, both commercial and privatized, aerospace, and general aviation, as well as financing and leasing partners.

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