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Understanding your risks and challenges

The entertainment, film, and media industry has witnessed significant shifts in consumer behavior, with streaming services on the rise and in-person events disrupted by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. These changes require organizations to adapt to new content delivery methods and address emerging risks, from on-set accidents to other unexpected catastrophes. Unforeseen disruptions can have substantial financial impacts, emphasizing the need for comprehensive contingency plans.

How we can help

HighStreet specializes in entertainment, film, and media insurance solutions, drawing on our global expertise to tailor risk management products to your unique needs. Our team of experts has collaborated with major event promoters, production companies, and media organizations worldwide, developing customized insurance and risk mitigation plans to safeguard your financial interests and provide much needed event coverage.

Who we serve

We serve the entertainment, film, and media sector, including major studios, broadcasters, event planners, sports organizations, and more. Our comprehensive coverage solutions address the complex risks associated with this dynamic industry, providing protection and resilience against unexpected events.

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