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Securing your cargo, taking care of storage and transportation logistics risks, HighStreet with your goods, every step of the way.

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Understanding your risks and challenges

Like many other industries, the cargo transportation and logistics industry is seeing increased adoption of digital solutions and heightened customer expectations. More than ever, customers want products faster and frequently, opening up businesses to new layers of risk. Everything from a change in weather to a software crash can interrupt shipping operations, and new challenges present themselves every day.

How we can help

Getting the right insurance is crucial for the survival and growth of businesses in this industry. There are many ways to value your cargo & logistics insurance. They vary depending on factors including limits, losses, liability, conventions, international or domestic movements, the size of the operation, and more. HighStreet works closely with you, applying decades of experience and knowledge, to understand your needs and the complexity of your operations, helping you manage risk exposure at every step.

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HighStreet supports trucking companies, freight forwarders, warehouse operators, non-vessel owning common carriers, customers brokers, freight brokers, and more.

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