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Understanding your risks and challenges

In today's world, technology is the backbone of global operations. Recent global events emphasized the vital role technology plays in maintaining our interconnected world. Success in the tech industry hinges on innovation while navigating complex risks, such as cyber threats, data breaches, and digital disruption. As AI adoption grows, the risk landscape evolves. HighStreet, equipped with cutting-edge analytics and expertise, empowers your company to assess, prioritize, and mitigate these risks. Whether it's safeguarding against cyberattacks or managing competition-driven innovation, we provide tailored technology insurance solutions for your evolving challenges.

How we can help

Technology firms must address a multitude of risks, including cybersecurity, competition, digital business interruption, IT resilience, and obsolescence. Our comprehensive approach includes cyber liability insurance to combat data breaches, errors and omissions (E&O) coverage for product performance claims, and fidelity insurance to protect intellectual property. Hardware companies can benefit from business interruption and product failure protection. Technology errors and omissions (tech E&O) insurance further shields against financial losses stemming from technology-related errors. Intellectual property insurance offers defense against IP infringement claims and protects contractual obligations. We help you strategically manage your unique risks, from patents and trademarks to copyrights and trade secrets.

Who we serve

We serve technology companies, whether software or hardware-focused, ready to embrace innovation and navigate the evolving tech landscape. As a global leader in risk management, we understand the complexities of doing business across borders and offer tailored solutions for organizations in the technology and telecommunications sector. Our industry-specific risk assessment and guidance empower you to thrive in the global tech arena.

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