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Understanding your risks and challenges

The infrastructure sector is a powerhouse of global economic growth, witnessing significant investments in transportation, energy, utilities, and more. It involves diverse stakeholders, including governments, developers, investors, lenders, and construction firms, each with varying risk profiles throughout a project's lifecycle. With decades of expertise, our specialized infrastructure insurance team comprehends the nuanced risk tolerances of these stakeholders. We recognize that public entities prioritize public responsibility and accountability, while investors seek insurable and uninsurable risk management. Lenders demand assurance of effective risk control, and contractors aim for capital-efficient solutions.

How we can help

Our team provides strategies and solutions that make infrastructure initiatives financially viable. From financing to operational phases, we offer insights and risk mitigation strategies that adapt to evolving project risks. We ensure you can efficiently deploy your capital, preserving asset value, reducing revenue stream volatility, and managing inherent risks. For public entities, we focus on economic justification and accountability. Investors benefit from our risk identification and management expertise. Lenders gain confidence in project viability, and contractors receive innovative solutions for yield and margin growth. Professional service providers can rely on our bespoke professional liability insurance solutions.

Who we serve

Our services cater to a broad spectrum of infrastructure stakeholders. We assist public entities, governments, and public sector agencies in effective project risk management. Investors, including infrastructure and private equity funds, benefit from our risk expertise and competitive edge. Lenders can count on us to ensure projects are bankable and risks are well-controlled. Contractors find capital-efficient solutions for growth, and professional service providers gain tailored professional liability coverage for infrastructure projects. We are your trusted partner in achieving project success and mitigating risks throughout the infrastructure lifecycle.

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