HighStreet shields your media endeavors in all formats, safeguarding your organization’s content, creativity, and intellectual property in the ever-evolving media landscape.

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Understanding your risks and challenges

In today's diverse media landscape, encompassing television, news outlets, streaming platforms, and online content providers, liability risks and lawsuits are on the rise. Media organizations, whether creators, distributors, or partners, face a spectrum of risks, from media liability and cybersecurity threats to protecting staff covering complex events. The dynamic nature of the industry necessitates an adaptable risk management strategy involving the use of versatile media industry insurance.

How we can help

Our dedicated media risk management team, comprised of seasoned industry specialists, collaborates with media entities to assess, analyze, and manage risks effectively. We tailor comprehensive risk management programs, including insurance solutions and contingency plans, to protect against financially devastating situations and reputational damage. We provide media professionals with strong industry knowledge, extensive networks, and insights into emerging risks and trends.

Who we serve

Our services cater to a wide range of media entities, including authors, publishers, broadcasters, advertising agencies, bloggers, social media influencers, and more. We offer specialized media liability insurance, a form of errors and omissions coverage designed to shield media outlets from claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and intentional torts. In a rapidly evolving media landscape, our tailored insurance solutions provide crucial protection for organizations and individuals involved in content creation and dissemination across various platforms, from traditional media to social networks.

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