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Protecting Your High-Value Assets, from Art to Jewellery

In a world of increasing economic volatility, the value of assets like fine art, jewelry, cash, and digital currencies is on the rise. This surge in worth demands specialized protection against physical and digital threats, whether your valuables are in transit or securely stored.

Our expert brokers at HighStreet specialize in Fine Art, Jewelry & Specie Insurance. We collaborate with top insurers to tailor solutions that cover your assets at their full value. From precious metals and vintage cars to digital art and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), we understand the diverse spectrum of high-value property.

Physical and digital risks, including theft, accidental damage, cyber threats, and transit risks, pose significant challenges. Our dedicated Specie specialists leverage 40 years of experience to create innovative insurance coverage that defies market standards. We provide efficient claims services, ensuring your assets remain protected against all potential losses.

Secure your valuable assets with HighStreet and gain peace of mind, whether you're in the mining, retail, banking, or personal sector. Our tailored Specie policies offer flexibility, coverage against all risks, and worldwide transit protection, ensuring your assets remain safe and secure.

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