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Experts in helping businesses handle trade credit risk.

The dynamics of international and domestic trade are ever-evolving, and recent global events have underscored the importance of risk management. The specter of insolvency and default is a constant presence, making trade credit insurance an invaluable tool for businesses navigating this complex landscape.

Our team offers a wide array of trade finance solutions to manage receivables risk effectively. As experts in trade credit risk and insurance arrangements, we maintain strong partnerships with major insurers to secure cost-effective coverage. Our specialized local and multinational teams provide consistent and compliant service across your trade credit program.

Trade credit insurance safeguards accounts receivables, ensuring businesses are protected if customers fail to pay for goods or services. It empowers companies to extend credit terms, enhancing access to funding against accounts receivables. This insurance is suitable for companies, financial institutions, and businesses offering goods or services on credit terms. It compensates for financial loss resulting from events like insolvency, payment default, or political incidents, acting as a vital tool in credit risk management.

Our experienced team of trade credit and political risk insurance providers collaborates with underwriters worldwide to manage and mitigate risks effectively. With trade credit insurance, your business gains confidence to navigate overseas markets, even in the face of government actions and political unrest. It's a proactive strategy to secure your assets, income, properties, and investments abroad.

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