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Understanding your risks and challenges

The ever-evolving real estate landscape requires adaptability, especially in the face of market fluctuations, climate change, and technological shifts. Owners, operators, managers, and developers must grapple with environmental liabilities, lender demands, and risk financing alternatives. Anticipating these challenges and taking proactive measures is crucial for resilience.

How we can help

With industry-focused risk management advisors and experts at your side, HighStreet offers tailored real estate insurance solutions to safeguard your ventures. We provide guidance on navigating macroeconomic variations, natural disasters, property damage, sociopolitical unrest, terrorism, and more. Our protection extends beyond standard provisions, covering extreme weather events, cash theft, loss of rental income, terrorism, financial crime, political risk, and more. We assess your unique risk profile and offer comprehensive builders risk coverage during construction.

Who we serve

Our real estate insurance solutions cater to developers, owners, operators, managers, government agencies, and crown corporations. We understand the unique needs of each client, from commercial real estate insurance applications to landmark properties. Our experienced team, with expertise in deposit insurance terms, project insurance programs, and annual insurance programs, helps you secure the right coverages, program structures, and pricing. We build strong relationships with insurance carriers and risk management partners, ensuring tailored risk management and insurance programs that save time, reduce risk, and improve your bottom line.

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