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Understanding your risks and challenges

The transportation and logistics industry, driven by globalization and digitization, faces dynamic challenges. Technology-driven opportunities have introduced complexities such as cyberattacks, changing regulations, and intensified competition. Labour and fuel costs are rising alongside volatile insurance prices, demanding cost control and risk management. Our global team offers capital and risk expertise to help you understand, prioritize, and manage these challenges. From general liability to workers' compensation, we provide tailored coverage. For fleet companies, we often recommend bodily injury, property damage liability, and cyber insurance, ensuring comprehensive protection.

How we can help

Our consultative approach combines data and analytics to manage your total cost of risk. We help you align with industry standards and maintain a competitive edge in the evolving transportation landscape. Whether you're a transportation or logistics firm, we offer specialized solutions, including commercial transportation insurance to secure your cargo and safeguard against all manner of threats. With coverage spanning from political risk to commercial auto liability, we ensure you're equipped to navigate the intricacies of routes and equipment. Our industry insights empower your business to stay resilient.

Who we serve

We serve the transportation and logistics industry, including motor carriers, last-mile delivery, courier, and livery service fleets. As a leading transportation insurance brokers in Canada, the HighStreet team specializes in addressing the unique challenges of this industry. With unparalleled market leverage and strong relationships with insurance markets, we advocate for equitable claims resolution. Partner with us to enhance your financial and operational health, no matter the size or niche of your transportation business.

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