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Understanding your risks and challenges

The forestry and integrated wood products industry is a vital part of the Canadian economy, but it faces unique challenges. Companies involved in pulp and paper operations, sawmills, remanufacturing, logging, and transportation must navigate environmental scrutiny, operational risks, and complex transactional and legacy environmental issues. Environmental losses can be significant for these businesses. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of activities within this sector, including sawmills, remanufacturing, pulp and paper manufacturing, and more.

How we can help

Our dedicated team of insurance professionals has extensive experience in the forestry and wood products sector. We offer tailored insurance and risk management solutions to help companies reduce their total cost of risk. Our consultative approach involves identifying exposures, protecting assets, and securing coverage for various risks, including property, equipment, liability, pollution, and more. At HighStreet, we specialize in addressing these risks with forestry insurance, offering expertise in environmental risk management, remediation cost cap, and pollution liability insurance and beyond.

Who we serve

Our forestry, pulp, and paper industry solutions cater to a diverse range of businesses, including sawmills, remanufacturers, and pulp and paper manufacturers. We can also support businesses involved in log hauling, silviculture, forestry equipment, and more. Our consultative approach often results in transferring risk through coverage for various exposures, such as property, equipment, liability, equipment breakdown, automobile damage, general liability, pollution, and more.

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