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HighStreet serves as an effective partner in the public eye, offering tailored insurance solutions to support government agencies and institutions.

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Understanding your risks and challenges

Public entities, spanning municipal, education, healthcare, and non-profit sectors, encounter complex governance-related risk management challenges. Budgetary constraints and the aftermath of the pandemic underscore the need for innovative strategies that lower the total cost of risk while enhancing frontline services. The financial landscape for local governments has been impacted by shrinking tax revenue, unemployment, and healthcare costs, making risk management and utilization of public sector insurance critical.

How we can help

With decades of experience in insuring the public sector, HighStreet offers tailored risk management strategies and data-driven solutions. Our team collaborates with public entities, leveraging industry-leading analytics to optimize risk profiles and drive value while mitigating risk. We specialize in helping public organizations navigate uncertainties in diverse areas, from frontline worker safety to social justice demands and climate change impacts.

Who we serve

Our comprehensive risk management solutions cater to a diverse range of public sector entities, from municipalities and educational institutions to healthcare providers and non-profit organizations. We understand the unique exposures faced by public entities and offer specialized insurance coverage, including general liability, property, and auto insurance. Our commitment is to support these entities in reducing operating costs, enhancing risk control measures, and ensuring fiscal resilience in challenging times.

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